We are campaigning for help and support of everyone to fund this great idea to make Detroit move forward. We are aiming for a funding of about $200,000 or more to grow this company and the entire Detroit.

Detroit youth and Persecution

The absence of infrastructure can easily result in minimal to no productivity. Detroit has been suffering from lack of various amenities. With the arrival of our company, there will be provision of amenities. This will be done by we partnering with relevant businesses and company who would allow us to work with them and become their official partner which will in turn favor our business purpose and Detroit growth.
Unemployment is also one of the major problems facing Detroit. With this we will create a Job opportunity for people and our company. We pave the way for more company to invest into our land.

Marcellus Sabra is the founder and CEO of GOODBUDS WELLNESS CENTER, a self-funded recreational marijuana and cannabis company serving the greater Detroit, USA.
“Born and raised in Detroit, I had trouble staying in public schools. I started smoking marijuana when I was 13, and started selling marijuana when I was 14. I was arrested multiple times for possession of marijuana. I also faced going to prison, being charged with manufacturing and attempt to deliver marijuana. After I went to school, I graduated and Later had my felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana.” 

“Since then I’ve gotten married and had seven kids. I still often dreamed about growing marijuana but didn’t have a good place to do it. I moved into a new house and marijuana was legalized.

GOODBUDS WELLNESS CENTER will be a recreational cannabis and Marijuana dispensary. At GOODBUDS WELLNESS CENTER, we will have a facility where cannabis will be grown, buy and consume. GOODBUDS WELLNESS CENTER will be a leading integrated recreational and cannabis company with a robust network of subsidiaries and strategic partnerships. With state-of-the-art production facilities and exclusive sales agreements in the European Union and beyond, GOODBUDS WELLNESS CENTER will operates around the globe pursuing new and emerging cannabis markets.

Through the Company’s unparalleled pace of execution and commitment to innovation, GOODBUDS WELLNESS CENTER will become one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cannabis companies that continues to elevate and challenge industry standards. So we are on a mission to help rehab Detroit with money through taxes.

Marcellus Sabra