With the help of Detroit we got everything covered, we just need your help and support with the building cost and raising the company to the right standard we wish.

For interested investors, please follow this step-by-step process:

Step 1 – Offering Memorandum

Also known as a Prospectus, the Offering Memorandum has been prepared in accordance with the Michigan MILE Act of 2014 and contains important information about our Company and investment offering. Please read all documents and filings prior to making an investment. Click here to read the Offering Memorandum.

Step 2 – Understand Investor Requirements

To invest in our Company you must meet certain requirements. The minimum investment is $50 for unaccredited investors, with a maximum investment of $10k. To be in compliance with the Michigan MILE Act, all investors must reside in Michigan. For investors looking to invest amounts exceeding $10k, you must complete an investor questionnaire. Click here to fill out the questionnaire.

Questionnaires can also be mailed in to:

[email protected] .

Step 3 – Subscription Agreement

This is a legal contract for the purchase of shares in our Company. It sets out the terms that both parties agree to and requests certain information from you such as your residential address, email address, date of birth, tax ID number and signature. Click here to complete the Subscription Agreement.

Note :- Copy the agreement on the site and fill it out on the site. Then send the agreement back to [email protected] .You shall receive a confirmation email with payment instructions.

Step 4 – Payment

The last step in becoming a Shareholder is to pay for the shares that you are purchasing through your Subscription Agreement. You can pay by check, money order, or via digital invoice.






You can buy your shares directly from the company. NOTE: Leave your email address in the comment when investing via Cash App.  


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